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The First Contactless Technology for the MRT

Introducing AXS!

AXS is the newest and fastest way to pay for MRT rides. It is the first Contactless Stored-Value Card for the MRT. This means that you don't need to swipe or insert the AXS card in the turnstiles to enter the MRT terminal. AXS offers 'tap-and-go' convenience. [more]

MRT Supports Unending Innovations for Modern Technology in Mass Transport Systems
Announcements (11/17/2008 00:00:00)

We all know that one solution to avoid traffic and reduce fuel cost is to ride the Metro Rail Transit or MRT. MRT is the most practical and economical mass transport system in our country today. It is also the fastest and most convenient way to travel from North Avenue to Taft Avenue or vice versa.

The government, through the MRT management, is continuously looking for ways to adopt modern technologies for mass transport use.  [more]

AXS Unveiled
Corporate News (08/19/2008 00:00:00)

Quezon City—July 19, 2008— Yesterday, the FIRST Contactless Stored-Value Card for the MRT was launched by VMobile Technologies, Inc.

The launch commenced with the unveiling of the AXS Card by no other than the General Manager of Metro Rail Transit Authority (MRTA), Mr. Roberto Lastimoso. The event was held at the Trinoma side of the North EDSA MRT Station during the celebration of MRT-3’s 8th anniversary.


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